Friday, 21 August 2009

Reply to Karen

19 August 2009 11:22
Karen said...
How do they justify banning people for speaking the truth about their mistakes? I fail to understand why instead they simply do not rely on the players to TELL them when something is not right so that they may fix it. IMHO that is what I would prefer, a good relationship with the players will get you so much further...and well..word of mouth can make or break any business eventually. If the game ends up so bad that even new players won't bother with it, then where will Zynga be??

I made this a new post rather than a reply because I got carried away...

At the moment the rating for the game is at 2.9 and when I was playing it was at 5.0 It seems that you're right there Karen, word of mouth makes a vast difference.
The problem is with anything, if it's going great and everything works, if people are happy and it's running smoothly, then no-one says anything. When someone is not happy (for example the new players that expected to become top of the tree as soon as they joined) then they email and complain about (in this case) being attacked 'too often' 'too violently' or just being attacked in a fighting game..?!?!?!?

This is what I think Zynga did - they listened to the complaints because they weren't getting the feedback which said the game was great. (I know, it sounds a little 'needy' to me too...).

If they had actually asked in their forum (the one on Facebook where no representative from Zynga ever replied to any question) then we'd have told them what a great game it was and how addictive it was. We'd have also let them know what we thought could be improved upon, what glitches were there and what could be dropped altogether. There was a vast amount of knowledge to be had in that forum if they had wanted to listen.

Since they listen more to the Mods in their new forum rather than their loyal players, the game has turned to utter crap, they've had to introduce incentives for people to play the game and when there are exploits and glitches, they spend time developing more incentives rather than fixing the glitches.
I played the game avidly, I actually paid money into the game and would have paid more to continue with the progress I'd made - as would others - but no more! I'll not pay another brass farthing to Zynga for any of their games, but I will put as much effort, energy and enthusiasm to letting people know what to expect from Zynga 'Customer Shaft' dept and when a new Vampire Game comes out which is anything like the one they ruined, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be putting all that energy, enthusiasm and effort into promoting that in direct competition to Zynga's game.

We'll see how far word of mouth can take it then...



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