Saturday, 15 August 2009

This is the type of 'Vampire' Zynga keeps!

Well doesn't this just beggar what is left of belief?

The level of abuse over there at Zynga just keeps on rising.

After a string of attacks on this particular Vampire Character, the person felt the need to comment on it:

Comment to this vamp was along the lines of:
You should know better at your level.
Please explain your multiples or I shall be asking my elders for advice!!

14 hours, 31 minutes ago:
*Lvl 1163* left you a comment:
"Tell your Elders I told you to piss off!"

Now, that in itself isn't really so very much to complain about is it... the fact that civility cannot be used in a game where the 'nobility of Vampires' is stressed upon, they are given spanky clothes to dress their characters up in and you can attain the titles of 'Savant' and 'Vindicator' amongst others.

The fact that these kinds of people have no need to worry about their account being removed for such behaviour IS worrying though. Why should anyone that plays an online game have to put up with such rude comments - and trust me, they aren't the worst I've ever seen. Take this one for example:

1 minute, 19 seconds ago:
Lilith left you a comment:
"fuck off you asshole"

This is from a lvl 51

The reason for the abuse? Well they were attacked and then attacked again in retaliation for a Hitlisting.

I wonder, does it kiss it's mother with that mouth?

Why should anyone be allowed to assume that they can write whatever they like on other people's walls just because it's aimed at an adult audience?

Zynga just allow that kind of abuse to go on unchecked. They allow the reported abuse to continue to the detriment of other players that try to step in and calm it down. Zynga keep their heads down whilst the Players in the game try to mediate and resolve disputes, then Zynga BAN the very people that DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE ABUSE and do it successfully.

Erzebet was banned for 'harrasment and abuse' yet no evidence has ever been produced to support that allegation. The only thing that Zynga have done is to change the wording of their ToS so that they cannot be sued for such cavalier attitude to the abuse that goes on in their game.

A long time ago there was a Vampire called 'eyebitehard' and the abuse, swearing, threats and bile that emanated from that character was reported over and over and over again. a Vampire called george666 made women (yes, only women) fear for their safety because of the vile messages he left. Are those characters banned from the game by Zynga? NO THEY ARE NOT!

Zynga do not give two hoots for the players in the game, they only care when they are brought to task on matters - which is why Erzebet was banned, why Xypher was banned, why Count Chocula was banned and all the rest!

Give me the names of the Vampires that have been banned and didn't deserve it and I shall immortalise them in this Blog.

Zynga is worried though, there is a new thing in their game which enables a character to upgrade his skill stats - at a cost of course! Make your Vampire stronger - for cold hard cash.

Hey Zynga - worried much? You should be, there are rumours afoot...

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  1. hi a lady clan member of mine came upon this article and i find it amusing that my vampire character is still being singled out. I am george666. I was very abusive to both male and females and the fact this above article states only women...mmmmmmmmmmm i do believe you are being slightly biased in your attack on zynga. Also your perception will be based on loyalty to clan members of yourself..... many i attacked verbally became friends in time understanding that the role play was exactly that...role play....Stop taking the game so serious and grow up...Cant take the heat...then get out of the kitchen hahahahhahhahahahahahahhhh

  2. in fact shut the fuck up you moron hahahahahahahahahahah by the way,,,,you male or female...personally i don't give a fuck you divvy....You make me sick going all prim and proper...adults game adults chat...abuse is a form of the way divvy i left the game and went into vamps abuse there and another thing the amount of abuse i got was pretty much the same as i gave out but i never complained you fucking prat hahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. I am still pretty pissed off you giving it the fucking large one mentioning me when you must realise you are absolutely full of shit. Come on be realistic ...who the fuck makes a blog to whinge at Zynga because they got upset at Zynga's are pathetic you silly twat....All you fucking idiots ought to grow up instead of belly aching amongst each other...grow up and get a fucking life hahahahahahahahhahaha

  4. it started off amusing but then i thought hey fucking hang on a minute you dick head...The more i think aboutr it the more annoying it is....moron............