Thursday, 6 August 2009

From "Thanks!" to Public Enemy #1 in 3.0 seconds

Hiya! Quick note: It looks like the mods (without any provocation from me) put some of your suggestions into the weekly report to the devs. Thank you for posting those.

Then there's the 'Mandy' episode...

It's a bit of a micky take though, seeing as I used a lot of my Elders points to regain my old level so that I could have at least a fighting chance against some of the newer Vamps that took a bigger advantage of the 'glitch'.

Yeah it sounds like it's just part of our overall Facebook server issue. New servers are on their way so just hang tight until then!

Have you any idea when I'll be hanging tight till? I've said that I have other Apps running and it's getting so that Vamps doesn't have the same 'pull' as it did.

Possibly sometime next week.

I would think I'll be gone then.

See ya.

Yeah, that's just the attitude I expected. Not even a pretence at concern for loss of customers.

I didn't mean it dismissively, but I realize that we can't keep each and every customer. What can we do to make you stay? It sounds like what you're most concerned about (the loading issues) is something we have no control over. I can't make new servers arrive faster.

Too late I'm afraid. In the written word, 'not meaning to sound...' is no excuse. Your response, as I said, is typical 'Zynga' and people that have spent money on the Apps want a better reply to their concerns about not being able to play a game that they have paid for than 'See ya.'

I have run businesses before and I certainly would not have any of my employees answering one of our customers so flippantly and with such obvious disdain.

Still, as I said, I will be staying, if just to see the fun this weekend. Good luck, I certainly think you're going to need it.

I may just hang around to see the backlash from this weekend when people are off work and levelling up and can't get into the game. I wonder if your attitude will alter then?

I do hope you don't mind me forwarding this to the CO of the company to enlighten him about the disregard for the people that pay his wages. Then again, I don't give a flying one if you mind or not.

I wasn't replying to the fact that you couldn't get into the game, I was replying to the fact that you were leaving. People leave our game every day (and new people start playing.) We don't like to see people go, but if they're going to leave over something I have no control over, I can't really do anymore than say goodbye. I've already apologized for the loading issues in general and given information about it in several threads.

BTW, I saw your post before Parizad deleted it. FYI, I'm not in Customer Service. :)

I know exactly what you meant when you wrote 'See ya'.

I also know you aren't in CS, but you are a representative of the company. Parizad will probably be letting you know that I've sent the same post to Mark Pincus and Michael Luxton. I don't expect anything in reply from them either.

Hey, quick note: I removed your post with the PM conversation you had with Mandy. We would NEVER publicly post conversations we have with players, and ask that you show the same respect.

So the response 'See ya' is Company Policy is it?

To be perfectly honest with you, I couldn't care less if you remove it from the forum. I don't say anything that I would be ashamed of anyone else seeing in public, but it looks like 'Mandy' is having second thoughts about the flippant way she replied.

It's posted on the other public site for everyone to see and I have also emailed Mark Pincus and Michael Luxton with it too, along with the link to the site containing some of the complaints.

I'll also be mailing Customer Service with a complaint about 'Mandy's attitude - not that I expect great things to come from that direction, nothing has yet.

As I just mailed to 'Mandy', good luck for the coming weekend when there's 4 days of Easter for people to catch up on their levels and not get into the game.

I think your cup will runneth over then and I wonder how many 'See ya's Mandy will be dealing out then?

So, they don't like private conversations being published for all to see? That to me suggests they have something to hide. Still, it's published now, what are they going to do about it... ban me? Hahahaha!

Hey Zynga, let me know how that works out for you will you? ;)


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