Monday, 3 August 2009

Now for something completely different...

We live in dangerous times don't we? Proof: I have been thinking...

Zynga make games. They made the game that has so far brought you to read my Blog (or most of you at least). The game we all liked so much has gone, but does it have to be gone forever?

I wonder how many of us would like to see the 'Real Vampire Wars' back? I know I would. I would perhaps even be willing to pay a nominal amount to get it back.

We would have to start from the beginning of course, build our way back up, but without help and assistance from Akem, Mandy, Santa etc. Without the '20 Health' safety net or the silly 'zombied' Vampires that don't know when you're pounding them into the ground.

But with the self-claim Hitlist back, the struggles and character-building exercises that were in the game when I first started playing.

In essence, the game that had a raw and wild edge to it. A game that perhaps wouldn't even rely on having Clan. A Vampire is a lone creature of the night, it doesn't need, want or require friends, pals, companions, buddies - anyone/anything! A Vampire is reliant only on it's own powers, strengths, skills, craft, slyness. A new game should encompass all these things.

One Vampire battling against another Vampire of similar level - the rest is up to you! A Gladiator of a Vampire if you will.

You would have to control how you built up your Vampire. Would it be strong in battle, or fast and so better at defence or so intellectually superior that it could turn its enemy onto itself?

The choice you make at the beginning of it's career as Bloodsucking Predator would steer the choices you make later.

I never liked the way that some Vampires had a different Blood Flow to others and would seek to standardise that. You fight for the Blood you need, drinking it from your victims or from the Tasks you are able to perform. Blood Flow from minions seems to be an easy way out. You start the game up and let it run for a few weeks and you're set - Not the way I would set it up.

If you play the game, you gain the Blood Flow, the stats, the weaponry, the skills, abilities - all from fighting - just as it was! If you don't fight, you don't gain!

If you don't like fighting, don't play this game. It would be billed as a violent, bloodthirsty and SKILLFUL game! You get out what you put in.

All in all, Zynga, if you're watching, I for one want a game where I have to fight, struggle, make skillful choices and KILL to get anywhere in the game. Having it all handed to you on a plate is NOT what I want from this type of game. The Vampires of the dark and disturbing imaginations of our ancestors is the type that I want, not the twinkly, conscience-bothered teens of films lately made popular.

I want Nosferatu, Dracula, Lilith and yes, even Lestat and Louis - at least they did kill!

Give us Vampires of Legend - Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Dusk til Dawn and 'Salem's Lot!

I want dark and sinister not twinkly and sparkly (they're pet lap dogs aren't they?).

Depose the children (and the adults) that don't want to attack inside a game because it's not nice - Vampires are NOT nice!

In summary -

kill, kill, KILL! KILLEMALL!!!! ARRRGHHH!!!!

Erzebet the slightly mad

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