Friday, 31 July 2009

Reply from Chris Hinton - None, Zip, Nada, Nil, Zilch, Squat

Hi Chris,

I read Mark Pincus's Blog about unfairly banned players and I'm hoping that my character can be reinstated - I still haven't had any reason why I was banned and have only had a guess at being vocal in stating that I attack more than the 3 times 'rule'.

If you cannot reinstate my game character then please could you possibly let me know the reason behind the ban?

My FB id is:id=*****

Thanks in advance

July 6 at 12:51am
Hi again Chris,

Please forgive me, I neglected to tell you the game I am banned from - Vampire Wars.

Kind Regards

July 7 at 2:18pm
Hello Chris,

The direct link to my Vampire Character is:****

I really would appreciate some help on this as I believe that I was unfairly banned because I ask difficult questions.

As you can see from my character, I have spent a lot of time and some money on it and really would like to be able to access it again.

Kind regards

Today at 12:08pm
Hello again Chris,

As you've not bothered to reply to me on this subject, I decided that I was going to do something else about the way I feel I have been mistreated by Zynga - and truth be told, it's not just me is it?

Please be aware that I post all replies - or lack thereof - to the Blog and your lack of response in this matter speaks volumes about the way Zynga treat the customers who use the games apps.

The Blog address is:

As you can probably see by now I don't actually care if I get a response from you or not. I've now made up my mind about Zynga and I think word is getting out...

Your call.

Hmm, Zynga certainly know how to treat its customers. The CEO - Mark Pincus - says on his Blog to contact Chris Hinton - and gives an email address - and the person you get to contact gives less of a stuff about your issues than the CEO does.

The next step is to email their sponsors I think.

"I have purchased points with you for a game by Zynga. I cannot get into this game and I cannot get a response from Zynga CS other than the generic 'we will email you within the next business day' (3 days ago and nothing yet).
My last hope is that your company could intervene on my behalf - and the behalf of the increasing number of people who cannot get into the game either. I am now at the point where I am looking to get a refund for the points that I purchased and cannot use."

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  1. I contacted Chris Hinton twice re my ban. The 1st time I got a reply asking me to be patient. Then 2 months later I emailed again asking for help as I had still not had a reply from CS. I am still waiting...........

  2. Be patient... I'm sure he's inundated with requests of this nature... Oh dear, poor man... still, I suppose the 'Ostrich' method is prevalent throughout Zynga. Stick your head in the sand and hope that it goes away before you suffocate yourself.