Friday, 31 July 2009

Hypocrisy of the Zynga Mods

Hello all!

This is apparently the way that your valued custom is regarded by all things Zynga.

I have been forwarded this and to be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely surprised.

To Mark Pincus:


I currently use the Zynga dedicated forums regarding Vampire Wars App. I have been having difficulty in getting into the game since yesterday and I have been emailing CS and asking the Dev in the Forums - 'Mandy'.

Today, I had a reply from 'Mandy' and I found it interesting enough to share it with you as I assume that you would be also interested in how your company treats the customers/consumers.

This seems to be a typical response from the Dev in PM:

-Originally Posted by Erzebet

It's a bit of a micky take though, seeing as I used a lot of my Elders points to regain my old level so that I could have at least a fighting chance against some of the newer Vamps that took a bigger advantage of the 'glitch'.

-Quote:Originally Posted by Mandy

Yeah it sounds like it's just part of our overall Facebook server issue. New servers are on their way so just hang tight until then!

-Originally Posted by Erzebet

Have you any idea when I'll be hanging tight till? I've said that I have other Apps running and it's getting so that Vamps doesn't have the same 'pull' as it did.

-Originally Posted by Mandy

Possibly sometime next week.

-Originally Posted by Erzebet

I would think I'll be gone then.

-Originally Posted by Mandy

See ya.

-I wonder why there is such a high demand on the Customer Service Dept when the people that are there to answer questions have this attitude?I don't expect a response from you, Mark, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

This is what your customers are really writing about your company...

Mark J Pincus
April 23 at 12:42am


We work hard to continually improve our games, especially our high profile apps like Vamps, and to resolve issues quickly as they arise. Please check out our Customer Support portal, at, and register an account - it's quick and easy.

Then click the Ask a Question button at the top of the page, and enter all of the details surrounding your issue.CS will respond, but please give them a few days for research.


April 23 at 9:18pm
It would look a lot better if you had actually read my email instead of giving me the same tired and trite response that I get from absolutely everywhere else.

It will do no good to say been there, done that... but...

This message was also posted in another Blog which was removed by the hosting site - An online games site (surprise surprise). I wonder who made the complaint... you see, they really don't like you knowing what goes on behind closed doors...

More soon,


PS: Quote forwarded in email:

ever since i removed and blocked vampire wars, i have not once been given a warning for adding friends or sending mails, and only one warning for wall posts, and thats it, surprising isnt it?

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