Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Erzebet's First Post!

Hello Vampire Wars fans!

If you've come this far, you've probably been directed here because of your interest in the online game 'Vampire Wars' on FaceBook.


If you've stumbled from a search engine, welcome to you too.

I hope to make this informative and interesting to most reading this and exceptionally uncomfortable for some... you know who you are and which category you fit into.

More later...



  1. thank you for the invite,Erzebet,,, right now its 2.27 in the morning and i am shattered so forgive me if i dont go ranting about Zynga just now . But noted ,,,, I will,,, night hon xxx fixee

  2. thank you for all this info erzebet .. it's most helpful. look 4ward to reading more ...Fang'n'Byte