Thursday, 30 July 2009

Zynga cashing in it's Chips?

Do a little digging and it's quite amazing what you can come up with...

A little birdie told me that Zynga do not just make money from selling the Elder Points - they also make money each and every time you log into the game (or try to, those that are banned). Each log in is registered and accumulated to make more money for Zynga.

Now whilst I think there's no shame in making money from a good idea, I DO think there is shame in making money and treating your customers like cash-cows and nothing more.

The 'Customer Service' is shoddy at best and deplorable in my experience. They close tickets without reply, they leave replies for months at a time and expect banned players to just roll over and play dead because it's just too difficult to log on to update the ticket before it runs out...

Did I say "Too difficult"? Make that IMPOSSIBLE.

If you're banned from the forums and from the game, you cannot log into any Zynga page, not even to post on Mark Pincus' Blog (I know, I tried).

Time is drawing on Zynga, the nights are getting longer. More people are joining this Blog and Erzebet is getting ready to do Battle - either in game or out - your choice!


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