Thursday, 30 July 2009

Paradox that is 'Customer Support'

Here are a couple of examples from the so-called 'Customer Support'


Thank you for contacting Zynga. Your Ticket has been received, and a member of our staff will review it and reply accordingly. Due to unusually high volume, our average response time is 3-5 days.

Please refrain from submitting multiple tickets. We are working to resolve your issue(s) quickly, and we appreciate your patience! Submitting multiple tickets for the same issue may result in a significantly longer response time.

Lastly, please make sure to check your Spam folder for any responses from us.

Please note: The Ticket ID must always remain in the subject line.

We have not heard back from you within 72 hours, if you are still having the issue, simply reply to this Email. Subject: [Vampire Wars] abuse Department: Vampire Wars Priority: Medium Status: Responded Please note that the Ticket will automatically be closed within 12 hours if no response is received from you. Zynga


In effect, it will most likely be closed before anyone takes a look at it.


Famous Quotes from 'Customer Service'
Zynga is committed to providing excellent Customer support. - To whom?
If you have an outstanding issue, we’re really sorry! - No, really! These are tears of sorrow... I'm not actually laughing... it's just that I'm really sensitive to your issues...
Thanks for registering at Zynga Community Forums! We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay. - However, if the Moderators don't like your questions, your stay WILL be a short one.
---Quote (Originally by Forimus Prime)--- Welcome!

We dont want to throw anyone out here, unless they are very abusive or disruptive. We want people to take advantage of these awesome forums. As long as you follow the rule/guidelines you will have no problems here. - The shape of things to come perhaps?
---Quote (Originally by Mandy)---
Why do you want the old forum? This one has actual moderators and developers. It's a lot more helpful for us because we had almost no access to the Facebook forums there, and as we could not moderate them they were often covered in spam. -
---End Quote---

Guess who replied...
Now, I'm going to take exception to your comment on this Mandy.

The FB Forums were NOT covered in Spam. There were a lot of the users there that helped out and did their very best to make sure that they were not covered in Spam or add mes and that the threads which were useful were kept to the top of the front page without the aid of stickies.

I am very grateful that we now have a 'proper' forum where the Zynga Devs and Mods deign to answer our questions (at long last) but I'm not going to allow you to say that the forums over there were as bad as you're painting when they most certainly were NOT and without the help of Zynga in any way, shape or form.

If you had "almost no access to the Facebook forums" how would you know what they were like?

Actually, we didn't need the Zynga Reps to answer in the FB forums, there were people that wrote direct to Zynga and got the same level of information from them as they did on the FB forums ie: NONE whatsoever.

To date, the most information and help received about the game on Facebook has come from people who played the game and posted in FB forums, not from Zynga. You are belittling the time and effort that those people gave to YOUR game app and that is disrespectful.

Has anyone actually diverted the people from Facebook to this forum? I heard about it from one of those same people that kept the FB forum tidy and I have passed the link on to clan mates.

I'm not going to apologise for this rant even though it's long-winded. We had NO help or direction from Zynga and that in itself is a disgrace, the excuse that you had no access is another.


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