Thursday, 6 August 2009

They think it's all over... Think again

As I have said before, Erzebet will do battle again. If it is not to be in the game on Facebook then it will be on a very different battle field - one of my choosing.

I have had what the 'Customer Shaft' dept at Zynga regard as my final communication:

Discussion ThreadZynga
Response (Zynga Customer Support)
07/31/2009 09:41 AM
Hello Erzebet,

Thanks for contacting the Terms of Service team at Zynga.

We have reviewed your account ban more than once at this point. Unfortunately you violated our terms of service and your account will not be reactivated at anytime. We have explained this to you on more than one occasion. Any further contact with Zynga regarding this issue will be set to solved without further communication to you.

Thank you,
Zynga Terms of Service Team

In response to that, let me tell you that I have had NO explanations of why I was banned. I have had NO response to requests for information on why I was banned and I don't expect any. My reply to the email (no doubt which is now 'set to solved')

Again, I have NOT had an answer. I have NEVER been told what it is that I have supposedly done.

I have now decided to take matters into my own hands and as such, I have started a Blog, highlighting the shortcomings of your company.

Feel free to read it, I have sent the address to Mark Pincus and Chris Hinton.

I am far from satisfied with the replies I have had from your company and I am not the only one.

My next course of action is to email the companies that advertise on your games.

Send this to ‘resolved’, it’s as much as I expect from you.

Added by Edit:

It seems that Zynga think that they can set issues to 'solved' and have done with the matter. The more they do this, however, the more people will become angry at the way they are treated.

Don't be complacent in playing their games, if you don't like what they do, you have now NO voice in the matter. They can - and will - ban you from their games if they wish, even on the whim of a forum moderator. This is not the only account that has been permanently banned.

The next one could be you.


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