Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Exploits in Vampire Wars

As it's now an 'official' Zynga Rule (as opposed to the 'unnoficial' ones that they use to ban players with without having to give a valid or supported reason) that you are not allowed to exploit a 'glitch' in the game - more commonly known as a 'Zynga-up' -

Taking advantage of any flaw in the game systems to gain an advantage over other users will result in a ban. The ban may or may not be permanent (depending on the severity of the violation).

for fear of being banned (yeah right). How is it then that a serious and extremely exploitable glitch is not being dealt with?

The fact that your Vampire Character does not need to buy all those expensive minions in order to keep their abilities and skills going is detrimental to the game - I refer you again to another 'official' Zynga Rule of:

Making a deliberate attempt to negatively impact another player’s gaming experience is considered harassment. Harassment of other players is unacceptable and can result in bans of varying lengths (depending on the severity of the violation).

How about this exploit having a negative impact on EVERYONE's game?

Part of the game is having to budget in order to keep the abilities active, surely? Apparently not! And here's how...

Oxx Maximus wroteabout an hour ago
I disagree as far as minions go, I've got every ability at superior and 501 of each one. Giving me a blood debt 0f -1,900,000,000 I've had that debt for 6 weeks with no affect on my player except that I win most of my fights. As I see in the combat page a good 80% of players are doing the same thing. No level 70 can be in a positive blood flow with everything superior. But I see plenty of them playing. I also earn 5,000,000,000 a day in combat and missions. I just buy move silentlies instead of losing it in the bank. When I need blood (which is never) I sell a move silently or a glamour. I have managed to take 124,000,000 blood of that debt so far.

Well that's another fine mess Zynga will undoubtedly roll something back in the game to the detriment of the players that HAVE played the game properly in order to compensate for the ones that have discovered the exploit and... well... exploited it.

Zynga, I charge you again with breaking your own rule of Harassment and "Making a deliberate attempt to negatively impact another player’s gaming experience is considered harassment. Harassment of other players is unacceptable and can result in bans of varying lengths (depending on the severity of the violation)."

I'd pay to see the emails to Zynga staff from Zynga Customer Shaft Dept (aka Terms of Service Team or 'TOST' henceforth known as 'Tossed') banning them for Harassment!

"Thanks for contacting the Terms of Service team at Zynga.

We have reviewed your account ban more than once at this point. Unfortunately you violated our terms of service and your account will not be reactivated at anytime. We have explained this to you on more than one occasion. Any further contact with Zynga regarding this issue will be set to solved without further communication to you.

We don't actually give a toss if you're a developer of the game, we believe that you are, in fact, in breach of another rule, that of 'Tooling' or claiming to be Zynga Staff in order to intimidate us.

We're all right Jack,
Zynga Terms of Service Team (ToSsed)

Sounds about right doesn't it?

As another handy hint and tip for you... if you do want to get rid of all your minions, I believe there's a button that allows you to 'Release All' so you'll not be too much out of pocket as the selling price will be set at half the buying price of the MOST EXPENSIVE, thereby giving you quite a return on your investment...

Have fun...


  1. So if I read this correctly, what you are saying is that Zynga has yet another screw up in their programming that enables players to have all the Superior abilities yet we don't need to have the minions to pay for them? And because they have messed up, If I have all those abilities as such I am breaking a rule, despite the fact that Zynga is the reason the possibility is there in the first place? Hey, I’ve played many games where the idea is to find the special loopholes in order to advance, how the heck am I supposed to just know that it's a screw up and not a secret advancement portion of the game? And yet I,. the player, can be banned for THEIR incompetence even if I am unaware that it is simply poor programming and not part of the game? WTF, I just started this game, how am I supposed to know it's wrong to PLAY the way the game is currently designed?????

  2. Katherine, that's exactly what I'm saying - Check out Urban Dictionary - Definition Zynga - the game Vampire Wars is a complete and utter zynga-up!