Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Was it this...?

Perhaps my up-front kinda way of speaking has some of those tough ole mods in a bit of a flap over at zynga? Here are a few of the emails I sent to serendippy in response to her mails... please note that I have left out her post to me and the only comments are mine.

If this is what has sent her off to the police, then I'm afraid that she needs to grow a thicker skin than the one she has because some people aren't as civil as me.

If the 'stalking' issue was about how many times I emailed serendippy, each one was in reply to an email from her first. I have the last one titled "Will she ever stop...?"


I know, you're just a Mod. You do as you're told and say what you have to say because someone told you that's what Mods do. Why do you think that I don't want to be a Mod?

The problem that Zynga has with me is that I'm vocal and saying what people think. Nothing that I have posted anywhere is a lie. I have heard rumours but I research them first before I put my name to them. If they are not correct or are just speculation, then I don't and won't post them as truth. I post what I guess at - and let's face it, I guess pretty good - but not what others guess at.

I say what I think and suffer the consequences if I'm wrong and I apologise.

I would NEVER attack someone that I know cannot get into the game and their Vampire is not 'zombiefied' but that's the honour I have in the game. HE has posted before that he can and will beat me, he's bragged about it and posted proof. OK, that's not bullying in your eyes (or someone that told you it wasn't) but it is in mine.

Think to yourself here... why didn't they have Count Chocula as a Mod? Why didn't they have me? It's because we have our own thoughts and we wouldn't 'toe the line' as we're told to and they know it.

Have fun in the forums, being a Mod, but remember this, you have to live with yourself, they don't and if you feel that something isn't right, speak up about it or you'll be forever kicking yourself.

You regret the things you didn't do far more than the things you did do. - Proverb.


Unfortunately, you seem to think that I am a niave and easily hurt individual. I'm not. I don't think that Zynga hates me - I'm not a 13yr old Emo kid - and I wouldn't give a stuff if they did hate me.

You wanted to know if I would listen to someone criticising me - if I would walk away from them? Well, no, I wouldn't walk away. If it was my business, my product and my employees, then I would want to know EXACTLY what my customers thought about them, their attitude towards the customers and even what they thought about me. That's how you get on in most businesses, by giving the customer exactly what they want (of course within the parameters of the business).

I can't be 100% sure, but I don't think I called 'Mandy' a liar. I also can't be 100% sure, but I also don't think I said that Zynga were thieves. It has been said, and I think I may have contributed to the thread, but I don't think I said that.

Your reprimand of my post when I replied to 'Panda' has shown that you're not quite as impartial as you like to think you are and others saw it too.

I'll re-read your emails to me again to see if there are any other points that I'd like to address but I would like to know one thing... where on earth did you get the idea that I think anyone hates me?

I have always regarded the internet as somewhere that is vitually impossible to hate a person because you have never met them. That goes for 'dislike' too.

You may not work for Zynga but you have certainly changed your style of writing in the forums since you became Mod (and just before, when I predicted it to choccie) - so has inyxis. If you don't believe me, go and read some of your early posts (and hers for that matter) :) That having been said, I don't dislike you, Parizad, Mandy (although her attitude was appalling towards a customer) or Richard. I have told forimus to not email me as I'm not interested in what he has to say, but that's by-the-by.

I'm afraid I'll not change how I write in forums, it's the same personality there as it is here in my office at home and out in the big wide world. If people really don't like me then that's up to them, I don't really mind, they can avoid me if they want to, my feelings will not be hurt... I still don't believe that you think I'm under the assumption that Zynga hate me... I've never said that, it's not a phrase I've used since I was about... ohhh... 12.


The only people that have interacted with me from Zynga are those from Forums – true, but that is ONLY because no-one else from Zynga, their Customer service people right up to the CEO and Founder have ever replied to any of my emails – including the email I have which said that they would get back to me within the next business day. I don’t think it’s what I say or how I say it that prevents anyone from replying, I think it’s complacency.

I will always speak out if I think something is wrong. The fact that speaking out against Zynga – or ‘Zynga bashing’ as it’s known - is one of the rules, speaks volumes. It says “We know we’re rubbish but we don’t like to hear it, so saying we’re rubbish is against the rules – ergo you’re breaking the rules by saying we’re rubbish.” Unfortunately, I will not promise not to break that rule.

Concerning Mandy and the ‘thieving’ thing, I most categorically did NOT say that Zynga were thieves. I also did NOT agree with anyone that said that. I’ve checked on this and I suggest that before you carry on with this, you do the same. The thread is in suggestions and it’s by Nebuchadnezzar. Then, when you’ve done that, I also suggest that you apologise for that particular accusation and check your facts before you accuse in future. I think you’re being fed what to say to me and the one doing the feeding is generalising. I’ll also be checking through all my posts to see where I called Mandy a liar because I don’t think I did that either.

This is very dangerous ground you’re treading here, be very careful, I have a good reputation online and I think California Law would be in my favour on a lot of these points.

The Panda thing, I didn’t attack anyone. If you think that 2 x ‘!’ is an attack, then god and all the other deities that you can imagine help you when you get involved in a real flame war. I didn’t ‘go after’ Panda, I recommended that they re-read my post properly because it was obvious that they hadn’t.

At the end of the day, you still haven’t pointed out the threads or the posts that I was reprimanded for and in that case, you’re covering your back. Either point out the posts/threads where I said these things or quit reprimanding me for them. I can’t find them and I’ve searched all of my posts.


How many times and in how many different ways are you going to say the same thing? And, 'Defamation' works both ways. You accused me of saying that Mandy is a liar, I didn't. You also accused me of saying that Zynga are thieves or for supporting someone that said that. I didn't.

You have edged around that particular subject. I have asked you to show me the posts, yet you can't and yet you also can't apologise for accusing me of those things. You should also know that an online reputation is just as valuable as a 'real life' one. Well done, you are truly worthy of working for Zynga.

I expect your contract will be in the post, I wouldn't trust them to email it to you, especially if they use the same email client as their CS dept :rolleyes:

Serendippy the StuporMod now?

*Walks away shaking her head...

I wonder why they decided to tell me that I had been reported to the police when it's clear that I was being harrangued and harassed in private mail by one of their own mods. One who accused me of calling zynga thieves and of calling 'Mandy' a liar.

As I said before, Zynga put up some proof or apologise for the accusations.

Word is spreading... Rates are dropping... 2.8 now...


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  1. Lol. I really wish I came across this blog back in Sept 2009 when Zynga's mod gave me an infraction and accused me of defamation.

    I posted a copy of Zynga's infraction notice with my original forum post to an article at Simply scroll down to the post by Facebook User, Dated September 18th, 2009 at 3:16 am, at this URL:
    (For some reason, I can't load the linked page in FF but it works in Chrome.)

    A few days after the above post, Facebook banned DoubleDing and FishVille from their site. A few days after FB's banning, FB and Zynga were hit with a class action over Zynga's scammy offers. I do believe word of mouth forced FB to finally take action, which definitely got Dincus' attention.

    Unfortunately, FB's rating server crashed several months ago, and VW's stars were reset. They got a fresh start in the reviews arena, so they're hovering around 4-stars now. FB is also only including a small percentage of recent votes in the average star rating. With that said, please be sure to update your review at FB and include some kind of comment to ensure it's counted in today's average. I renew mine weekly, and sadly my opinion of Zynga & Co continues to drop with each passing day... ;)