Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Welcome Back

Well it has been a long time since I had anything much to write about, but there seems to be more trouble and strife looming on the horizon and it again seems to be taking the shape of *Hoik Spit*

There are rumours that Hackers are able to gain access through the new Task Bar app and not only if you have downloaded it, but even if you have not. I have seen a screenshot of a conversation which is targeting specific 'enemies' who they are 'taking down' *Roll eyes*. If they are indeed successful (and it's looking increasingly likely that they are) then perhaps *Hoik Spit* need to take a fresh look at how they are handling their end of this problem?

What are they doing to stop the hackers?

What are they doing to prevent their own Downloadable Task Bar from being the gateway to YOUR account?

Are they keeping regular back-ups of the game so that if you have an idea of when your account was stolen, they can reset it to what your stats were just before the theft? (OK, I realise the hackers can go after it again, but you never know... *Hoik Spit* may have found a way of blocking the hackers... yeah ok... I know... Yeah Right!)

The next thing is to ask about a 'Fighting Fund'. If all the players of VW put $1 into a fund then maybe you can hire a lawyer to help you take them to court and perhaps force them to do something about the hackers? After all, the onus of security falls on the company and if you lose Favour Points that you purchased, then taking them to court en masse would make them sit up and take notice.

I like that line, so I'll repeat it...

The onus of security falls on the company!

Sort it out!


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  1. Would love to update you on the current happenings in the game. Or maybe you have heard?